We manufacture any type of ACOUSTIC SILENCER

We have a wide range of acoustic silencers. At Silen Sistem we are capable of designing any custom-made acoustic silencer, being able to respond to any type of requirement that may arise. We could define an acoustic silencer as a system with a minimum pressure drop, which allows the reduction of noise when passing different types of fluid such as air, water, gas, nitrogen, steam, oxygen, etc …

To design and achieve an effective equipment against noise reduction, we must know different parameters such as pressure, outlet velocity, temperature, flow, etc

An acoustic silencer can be defined as a portion or section of a duct that acts as an acoustic filter and that is configured or treated with the intention of reducing the transmission of sound, allowing the circulation of air, gas or steam without affecting it.

Solutions for the most complex noise problems with full guarantee prior to the execution of the solution.


Reactive acoustic silencers

The reactive acoustic silencer is designed, for example, for internal combustion engines (Diesel or Gas), which have a problem of noise generated by low frequencies (31.5 to 250 Hz), and which cannot be solved only based on absorption, but require a mixed lag and absorption treatment.

The input is made in an element that shifts the wave (camera). This element is complemented by an attenuation device through absorption.

The reactive acoustic silencers are used for pure tones, or determined or low frequencies, widely used for internal combustion engines.

They are inexpensive to manufacture with minimal maintenance.

silenciador de conductos y silencio acustico

Dissipative silencers

Attenuator or silencer acoustic sound is used for dissipative it control in medium and high frequencies. Its mode of operation is using acoustic absorption using different materials.

They are the classic acoustic absorption silencer, achieved to a greater or lesser extent by the absorption coefficient of the material (absorbent material).

The attenuation or acoustic reduction is produced when the noise affects the sound absorbing material, generally, mineral rock wool. The sound wave loses energy in this process. It is valid for medium and high frequencies. It is not very efficient at the 125Hz frequency typical of engines or turbines.

Atenuador de ruido rectangular o de celdas paralelas que sirve para insonorizar recintos de ventilación

Porous material silencers

The acoustic silencers of porous materials are based on the attenuation of the noise through the reduction of the speed of passage of the fluid and the more or less permeable barriers that are available. They are designed for medium and high frequencies.

silenciadores conductos de aire acustica. Silenciador ventilacion y atenuadores de ruido. Silenciador para caldera y silenciador compresor

Acoustic silencer or acoustic attenuator for internal combustion engine exhaust.

Absorption and reactive type from 15 dB (A) to 60dB (A). Silen y Sistem SM silencer solutions.

Steam discharge silencer, vent silencer

Acoustic vent or purge silencers reduce noise produced by the emission of pressurized gases into the atmosphere, especially air, steam, or other gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.

Ventilation silencers or ventilation or air conditioning attenuators

The acoustic silencers for ventilation are of the absorption type and direct pass from 15dB (A) to 40dB (A). Its main application is focused on ventilation and air conditioning installations. Silen y Sistem SVR silencer solutions

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